Our cottages Janosik Mountain Cottage, janosik 2 Comfort Cottage and Janosik Premium Cottage are situated in the picturesque mountain valley Łopuszna. Łopuszna is situated in the Gorce Mountains, not far from the Pieniny Mountains, at the foot of the High Tatras, on the Dunajec River at the mouth of the stream of the same name.

The advantage of Łopuszna is its microclimate, which favours rest and recreation. The cottages are situated on a settlement of tourist cottages, where you can fully enjoy the peace, quiet, clean air, but also the proximity of nearby purely tourist destinations. Łopuszna has more to offer than if you lived, for example, in Zakopane or Białka itself. Simply by enjoying the peace and quiet, you will be relatively close to everywhere.

Łopuszna is a great base for hiking on mountain trails (e.g. to Turbacz – 1310 m above sea level), cycling trips, but also for quiet walks, e.g. with a pram or with “sticks”. From here you can reach, among others, the borders of the Gorce National Park.

Trails by which you can climb Turbacz with your dog (in polish).


Directly from Łopuszna you will be able to use the routes and cycle paths (more than 200 km). Below you can download a map in gpx format and import it into your navigation (or a suitable application for your phone).

Stud Farm

There is a Stud Farm in Łopuszna where you can take lessons. Click. The stud offers horse riding on site, also with obstacles and in the field. It is even possible to go on a horseback trip lasting several days. In addition, the stud farm in Łopuszna organises horse-drawn carriage rides and sleigh rides. In autumn, on the occasion of St. Hubert’s Day, or Hubertus, you can enjoy a fox chase – a famous tradition of hunters, when, instead of a fox, riders hunt for a rider with a fox’s head on his shoulder.

Open-air museum – Tetmajers’ manor house

In Łopuszna, you will visit the open-air museum (Manor House and Farmers’ Cottages) from 1784. The Tetmajers’ wooden manor house in Łopuszna is located near the main road No. 969 from Nowy Targ to Szczawnica.

The wooden church in Łopuszna

Church of the Holy Trinity, which stands a few dozen metres behind the Tetmajer Manor in Łopuszna.

Restaurant “Trout”

You will eat delicious trout from our own farm in the PSTRĄG restaurant, just off the main road, prepared in many ways. I can assure you that you will never taste any trout anywhere else as you do here.

Mikołaj’s cottage in Łopuszna

Turbacz – the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains on the trail from Łopuszna

Trails by which you can climb Turbacz with your dog (in polish).

Ksiądz Józef Tischner:

The village of Łopuszna was considered his home by Father Józef Tischner. He was born in Stary Sącz, but when he was a few years old, his family moved to Łopuszna. He considered this place his home until the end of his life. In the historic church in Łopuszna he celebrated his prymice mass, as well as many other masses. He always returned to the mountains, went mountaineering, and built a mountain hut in the Gorce Mountains, where he spent a lot of time with his loved ones. He was laid to rest in the cemetery in Łopuszna, remaining forever in his beloved village.

Here are several places you can visit that are associated with Father Joseph:

Tischner Memorial House

Father Jozef Tischner’s Shepherd’s Hut

Tomb of Father Jozef Tischner

And outside Łopuszna…

Rafting on the Dunajec river

The Dunajec river rafting is a great attraction of the region. It is one thing to walk along the Dunajec river gorge and another to raft through the rough waves. The Dunajec rafting trip starts in Sromowce and can end in Szczawnica or continue to Krościenko nad Dunajcem. However, in our opinion, it doesn’t make sense anymore, as you will see the most beautiful things on the way to Szczawnica. The stretch is about 8 km long and the Dunajec meanders wildly between limestone walls as high as 300 metres. The trip to Szczawnica usually takes about 2.5 hours, while the trip to Krościenko is a quarter of an hour longer. Fantastic views, local stories of the rafters with legends and anecdotes. I do not know a person who would not return delighted from a rafting trip.

The Three Crowns Trail


You can also take the trail to the Three Crowns and/or Sokolica. Note: this is an area of the Pieniny National Park, no dogs allowed! Read up on hiking trail options (in polish).


Not far from us. Just getting there is an attraction. Wonderful views of the Tatra Mountains, Pieniny, Lake Czorsztyńskie. Castle in Czorsztyn and in Niedzica. Beaches on the lake, you can sunbathe. You can rent a boat, a pedal boat.

Szczawnica — a health resort

Beautiful holiday houses that remember the pre-war years. Squares, promenades. Numerous Pump Rooms with healing waters. You can also take a chairlift to Palenica.

Białka Tatrzańska

Finally, the “famous” Bialka Tatrzanska – the largest ski resort in Poland. And even in summer you can take the cable cars up the mountain and enjoy the views.

At the bottom, a resort with a spa and thermal waters, there are numerous attractions for children (slides, etc.), saunas, outdoor pools, in summer a large outdoor area with sun loungers.

Thermal complexes

In Bukowina Tatrzańska, in Szaflary and in Chochołowska Valley.

I also recommend the municipal swimming pool in Nowy Targ – definitely less crowded than the Thermal Baths, and you can swim.

Zakopane – the capital of the Polish Tatras

You can take a train with wagons to the top of Gubałówka mountain, from where you can go for a walk, beautiful views. Walk along Krupówki Street. Taste local specialities, buy souvenirs.

A trip into the heart of the Tatra Mountains – to the Morskie Oko Lake. This is the largest and most beautiful lake in the Tatra Mountains. The waters of Morskie Oko are surrounded by the highest peaks of the Polish Tatra Mountains. The views are breathtaking. Chochołowska and Kościeliska valleys – two great places for scenic walks. Also good for the less skilled.

BEFORE HIKING TO THE DIFFERENT PLACES IN PODHALA, IF YOU ARE WITH DOGS, SEE ALREADY WHETHER DOGS CAN ENTER (e.g. on Trzy Korony in Pieniny they will not enter). However, they will be allowed on most trails in the Gorce National Park.

Church in Dębno

A unique monument from the 15th century, well-known in Poland and abroad, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. It was built without the use of nails and has remained practically unchanged since its creation.

Białka Gorge

An exceptionally beautiful place between two rocks where the Białka River flows – considered one of the cleanest and coldest rivers in Poland. The landscape values are not inferior to archaeological ones; in the Obłazowa Cave, the oldest traces of man in the Pieniny Mountains from about 40,000 years ago were found, as well as a mammoth boomerang dating back 30,000 years, considered to be the oldest in the world.

Homole Gorge

We encourage you to go on a beautiful hike, through three nature reserves.

And finally, you might be interested in a unique, nostalgic, historical place:

Czorsztyn settlement

The settlement includes 9 historic wooden guesthouses and villas, 11 country cottages and farm buildings and 11 stone cellars with wooden lampposts above them. All the buildings were moved here from the former Maniów, Kluszkowiec and Czorsztyn, and date from the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were moved here before the flooding of Lake Czorsztyńskie.

Active entertainment for both big and small:

Gateway to the Gorce

The newest attraction in the Gorce Mountains, for active people who want to spend time in an interesting way in beautiful natural surroundings! Here you will find an educational trail, an underground tunnel, observation towers, an educational pavilion, a playground, a shepherd’s hut and cafes.

Spiska Kraina: Miniature Park and Amusement Park

A family amusement park with something for everyone! Here you’ll find an extensive Rope Park with multiple routes, a 3D Planetarium, Laser Paintball, 12D Cinema, pontoon tracks and Golden Bungee.

Rope Park in Czorsztyn


Everywhere in Podhale there are plenty of restaurants with local, but not only, dishes. For example, I recommend:


Everywhere in Podhale there are plenty of restaurants with local, but not only, dishes. For example, I recommend:

  • Restaurant “PSTRĄG” in Łopuszna – the best trout in the area prepared in many ways (brilliant trout tartar)
  • Restaurant “KARMA U BORZANKA” restaurant in Nowy Targ – local specialities at attractive prices
  • Restaurant “VILLA TOSCANA” in Nowy Targ – Italian cuisine,
  • Restaurant “GÓRALSKO STRAWA” in Nowy Targ – highlander cuisine with flair
  • Restaurant “JADŁOMANIA” in Nowy Targ – small, intimate restaurant with fusion cuisine
  • Restaurant “SCHRONISKO” restaurant in Bukowina Tatrzańska – excellent world-class cuisine, once under the patronage of the famous restaurateur Magda Gessler, but after parting ways with Ms Gessler, the standard remained high.
  • Restaurant “SUSHI HOUSE
  • Restaurant “ABSYNT