Feedback policy

1 We accept all feedback, both positive and negative, regarding our Janosik Cottages. We are open to all comments and suggestions from our customers.

2. opinions must be honest and based on real experiences. We do not accept opinions that are untrue or intended to damage our reputation.

3. All opinions are moderated before being published on the website. We make every effort to ensure that reviews are objective and do not contain offensive content, vulgarity or any form of discrimination.

4. Opinions may be shortened or altered if they require grammatical or spelling corrections, but we do not alter their content or meaning.

5. If a client raises a problem in their opinion, we carefully analyse the situation and take appropriate action to resolve the problem.

6. If an opinion contains personal or identifying information, this will be deleted to ensure customer privacy.

7. If the feedback is negative, we try to contact the customer to clarify the situation and find a satisfactory solution.

8. We encourage our customers to leave feedback on our website as this is valuable feedback for us and helps us to continually improve our services.

9. If a customer reports that their feedback has been rejected or not published, we endeavour to explain the reasons for this decision.

10. We reserve the right to remove feedback that violates our feedback policy, is inappropriate, contains inaccurate data or information, is suspected to have been written by online automatons, harms our reputation and/or the reputation of our customers, shows characteristics of any discrimination.

We want our website to be a place where our customers can share their experiences and help us to further improve our services.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to express their opinions and share their views on the rental of Janosik Cottages.